Watch “Christmas Chronicles” With your Family on Xmas day as Low as N500

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It’s almost that time of the year when excessive spending, spontaneous caroling, and public eggnog drinking are socially acceptable. And do you know what else is acceptable around this time? Wanting to watch Christmas movies.  Stop wondering where you can spend quality time with your family, just a movie for your family with bookAmia, simple visit or book the movie with the app via

Watch the Christmas Chronicles

Movie Date                        Movie Time        Movie Venue

23 December 2018          01:30 PM              Abia Mall, Umuahia

Short Description 

Kate clings to Dad’s favorite camcorder (a hilariously outdated model even when the diaries begin in 2006) and is introduced recording a video message to Santa. Meanwhile, Teddy is quickly devolving into juvenile delinquency from underage drinking to stealing cars – an action that is portrayed with shockingly little repercussion in a film aimed at families. After a painfully long prologue, we arrive at Christmas Eve and Mom has been called in at the last minute to cover an overnight shift. Teddy and Kate let their sibling dysfunction ease slightly and work together to set up a hidden camera in hopes of catching a glimpse of Santa. Seriously, there is so much camcorder action you’d think this was a Paranormal Activity spin-off. Something abnormal does happen – although not of the ghostly persuasion – as Santa does in fact arrive.

Santa is played by Russell who instantly brings a level of energy and professionalism sorely lacking from the film. His comic timing, twinkly eyes, and impressively styled beard are almost enough to inspire hope that the movie will turn around. But just as quickly as Santa arrives, we’re treated to the worst green-screen filming in recent memory and all hope is lost. Through a series of madcap occurrences, Santa, Teddy, and Kate end up stranded in Chicago, working together to fix Santa’s sleigh, find his magic hat and track down his flying reindeer. If they don’t do it in time, a large percentage of children won’t get their Christmas presents and that would be bad for everyone (“Ever heard of the Dark Ages?” Santa offers as a warning).

Hijinks and (attempted) heartwarming ensue and before we know it, we find Santa locked up in the slammer offering his own take on jailhouse rock. While Russell does his killer Elvis impression and Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul cameo as his backup band, you might ask yourself, if this still for kids? The answer is, for a minute or two it’s something more, glimmers of an inspired take on the Christmas movie with enough to appeal to an audience beyond desperate parents and bored elementary school students. But really, the sequence is nothing more than a trifling diversion born out of Russell’s talents (and probably, a big factor in why he did the movie).


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